Areas of Work

Democracy & Election

IID has conceptualized several programs like Hello MP!, E-FGD, Policy Breakfast etc. to promote people’s participation in the policy discourse. These programs aim to bridge the gap between parliamentarians/policy makers and their mass constituencies.

IID’s activities in the field of Democracy can broadly be grouped into Policy Research, Promote People’s Participation and Bridging Government with the Mass.


Survey of Opinion

IID specializes in conducting large scale, nationwide opinion surveys. Understanding public opinion, attitudes, and demands is an essential aspect of a working democracy.

Advocacy & Campaign

IID advocates for citizens’ democratic rights and representation.

Research Communication

Democratic decision making is about addressing citizens’ needs and producing the optimum outcome given limited resources. Successful decision making therefore requires policymakers and people’s representatives to be cognizant of specific facts and information that will help them achieve those goals. IID facilitates this by relaying relevant information – which includes public opinion as well as research findings – in an easy-to-understand manner to policymakers.



Online sessions using internet based video conferencing technology from distant places to connect peripheral with the centre.

Hello MP

Hello MP’ program seeks to strengthen the connection between the MPs and the people.

Youth Manifesto

Interactive session with young leaders of different political parties to ensure participation of youth in the policy discourse.


Policy Breakfast

Promotes evidence-informed and solution-driven debate among high-level key influencers of policy community.

Regional Policy Forum

Intended to take the policy discussion outside Dhaka, with greater focus on the youth. Another crucial objective of this activity is to create a platform for the young people to be able to better articulate their needs, demands and responsibilities to the policy makers, youth led organizations, young political leaders, community level youth leaders and key influencers, academicians, relevant industry leaders and practitioners.

e-Town Hall

IID sets up informal public meetings online called e-town hall, which allow the public to directly interact with experts and other influential members of society.

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