Policy Breakfast

IID’s Policy Breakfast series promotes evidence-informed and solution-driven debate among key influencers of policy community under Chatham House rule for candid discussion.

IID have been partnering with national and international organizations for this, including National Democratic Institute (NDI), High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh and icddr,b, among others.


Adv Tarana Halim, Former MP
Former Hon. State Minister for Post & Telecom. Division

I really enjoyed the Policy Breakfast because it is not only an event for policymakers but it brings together… representatives of different political parties as well as members of civil society.


Chatham House Rules are followed to encourage candid discussion

Promotes pluralism in participation

Networking starts at 8:00 am & discussion starts at sharp 8:30 am

Policy recommendations and decisions are compiled and presented

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Format of the session
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    Advisory group sets the theme and motion based on necessity

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    Infopage, highlighting different aspects of the theme, is disseminated

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    Keynote and additional remarks by policymaker and eminent field expert

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    Young experts debate for and against the motion

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    The house votes in a secret ballot for or against the motion

Major General Md. Emdad-Ul-Bari, ndc, psc
Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)
Former Director General (SS), Post & Telecom. Division

The Policy Breakfast is a great idea as it brings people from different occupations and expertise to give their views on an issue.

Simon Maxwell
Executive Chairman, Climate and Development Knowledge Network

For policy changes, three things are needed—leadership, strong civil society support for change, and good ideas on the table so that policy makers can make the right decisions. And in my view, the policy breakfast format that you have found here brings all those three elements together.
Anwar Hossain Manju, MP
Hon. Minister of Water Resources
and former Minister for Environment and Forests

It was a very new kind of experience for me.

IID Policy Breakfast series follows a unique model that evolved over time, and owes much to the Advisory Group members of the Policy Breakfast. IID initiated the series in partnership with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and now partner with various organisations to organize issue specific policy breakfast.


Key influencers invited as panelists for keynote and additional remarks

Experts debate on the issue

Participants include policymakers, experts, academicians, relevant industry leaders and practitioners

Participants provide their own views and solutions to particular policy issues, practices and implementation challenges