IIDedu is the education and learning policy unit of IID that aims to make policy public in the realm of education and learning.


Learning Analytics

to collect evidence of ceosystem, assessment, employability and future of learning

Randomized Control Trial (RCT)

for assessment of education and learning interventions

Learning Innovation

to identify problems and learning ecosystems and co-create scalable solutions involving people through design thinking


Research Communication

to interpret and translate evidence in brief and communicable formates

Visual Communication

of evidence through data visualization, illustrations, mission photography and stories of change

Empathetic Communication

by humanizing data focusing on emotions, context and people behind the data


Policy Breakfast

for high-level policy discourse under Chatham House Rule

Improving Competency

through residential Policy Camps and education campaign manuals

Connecting People

for taking study-findings back to the respondents

Areas of Work

Learning-ecosystem: Study learning-ecosystem including assessment of content, people, culture, technology and policies

Learning-assessment: Study learning-assessment approaches, processes, assessors and assess learning outcomes

Learning-employability: Study the involving and dynamic relations between works/employment and education/learning

Learning the Future: studying the possible, probable and preferable future of learning-ecosystem, learning-assessment and learning-employability

Education News