Election to impact Bangladesh’s Global Branding

How the upcoming National Elections 2018 will impact Bangladesh’s international brand? This was discussed by political leaders and development partners at IID’s 20th Policy Breakfast, held on 5th December, 2018.

Bangladesh is approaching an important juncture as the country prepares for the National Elections 2018, which will involve all major political parties. With Bangladesh on its journey towards middle income country status, much is at stake when it comes to sustaining the economic growth and job creation required for successful graduation.

In 2014, political turmoil across the country made the 10th National Parliamentary Election a one-party led event where the main opposition boycotted the elections. Considering the history of democratic transitions between elections in the country that have mostly been marked by violence, the stakes of the upcoming 11th Parliamentary Election are quite high. Keeping the 11th National Elections just three weeks ahead, Bangladesh’s ability to attract foreign investments, brand itself and enhance its image in a global context will be more crucial than ever.

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In this context, the Policy Breakfast facilitated discussion on how the political parties, government institutions, civil society organizations, media and development partners can play a role to ensure that in the aftermath of the election campaign, and with the whole world watching, Bangladesh will emerge in a strong position to achieve its goals.

Among others, HT Imam, Political Advisor to the PM of Bangladesh, Dipu Moni, Chairman, Parliamentary Affairs Committee on Foreign Relations, Bangladesh Awami League, Mr. Amir Kharsu, Standing Committee Member, BNP, Reaz Rahman, Adviser to the Party Chairperson, BNP, Shamsher M. Chowsdhury, Vice-chairman, Bikalpadhara Bangladesh , Brigadier Shakhawat Hossain, Former Election Commissioner, H.E. Julia Niblett, High Commissioner, High Commission of Australia in Bangladesh, HE Benoit Préfontaine, High Commissioner, High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh, Robert McDougall, former Canadian High Commissioner to Bangladesh and Harry Verweij, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bangladesh joined the discussion.

The Policy Breakfast follows Chatham House rule for candid discussion where discussions during the event remain private and comments are not quoted outside.

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