Sparkling boots and Dancing Shoes! – Strolling around Sylhet


The family of 14 members ; bunch of researchers, program organizers and the finance team decided to become travelers for few days.This is what they did.

Although the ever-friendly IID team likes to consider their working place as their home  but the workload sometimes become too heave for their un-experienced shoulder.On the other hand, the soul itself has a tendency to search beyond the capital profits, data findings and policy analysis.It looks for solace in traveling, in new places and turning them into new memories.

IID team has been looking for an excuse to have some ‘us time’  for many months. Time was a restrain and so was budget. Work load, on the other hand, wasn’t giving any one any excuse to think of  idle hours. So suddenly when the research team noticed there’s a chance of couple of days break from the hectic events, they couldn’t wait to call for a retreat! 

See the pictures below!

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