CGCM submits suggestions and recommendations to the govt. for pre-JTC meeting

CSOs for Global Commitments on Migration (CGCM) submitted suggestions to the government of Bangladesh accumulated through a pre-JTC consultation on 23rd November 2019. CGCM submitted this note to Mr. Salim Reza, honorable Secretary of the MoEWOE, who led the Bangladesh delegation to the JTC meeting.

The suggestions highlighted, implementation of the 2015 Agreement on Domestic Service Workers Recruitment, Implementing Outcome of previous JTC Meeting of 2018 and Improving MUSANED as agreed.

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Know more about the pre-JTC consultation

The recommendations made by CGCM included convincing the Saudi govt. to develop a speciļ¬c legal framework for the safeguard of the women migrant workers, ensure post-arrival orientation for both the employers and employee, pursue Saudi govt. to bring recruiting agencies of Saudi Arabia under regular monitoring and ensure regular update of MUSANED database.

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