Vacancy: Consultant Needed to Evaluate the Early Childhood Education Project


IID is looking for a Qualitative Researcher to conduct the evaluation of a project that aims to create awareness among children and parents for the financial empowerment of the families. The consultant will be responsible for undertaking the evaluation study of the project.

About the Project

The educational framework (or “curriculum”) of the project emphasizes on rational decision making and positive behavioral development focusing on financial empowerment that targets young children (ages 3–8) and their families. This campaign currently is implemented in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Chile and Bangladesh.

The resulting curriculum is broadly divided into three sections:

  • We can do it!” Having a positive attitude including confidence and aspirations.
  • How can we do it?” Knowing behaviors related to self-regulation and executive function (conscious control of thoughts, feelings, and actions) that can help set, plan and achieve goals.
  • What information do we need?” Having the knowledge and information needed to achieve financial empowerment and reach one’s goals.

About the Evaluation Study

This in-depth, small-scale qualitative study has two goals-

  • To use the information to guide specific program improvements and refinements as the programs expands in Bangladesh, and
  • To use the findings to communicate the importance of each program to local stakeholders, such as early childhood educators and decision makers.

The evaluation process of the study involves four tasks

  • Developing a full understanding of the Bangladeshi implementation model or models (logic model)
  • Adapting the case study plan and modifying the protocols to the Bangladeshi context
  • Conducting the research and
  • Final analysis and write-up.

Job Description

  • Developing an implementation model of the study
  • Modifying case study and observation protocols in Bangladeshi context
  • Sampling design for the qualitative study
  • Conducting field interviews and observation studies in the communities and schools
  • Transcription, data coding, cleaning, analyzing
  • Preparing implementation report on the study
  • Maintaining communication with global partners

Required skills / Qualifications

  • Master’s in social science preferable
  • 3-8 years of proven experience in early childhood education and qualitative research
  • Experience in cognition and assessment of young children will be an added advantage
  • In-depth knowledge in conducting interview, case study and observation study
  • Proficient in using Microsoft office and statistical analysis software
  • Excellent oral and writtencommunicator in both English and Bangla
  • Strong report writing ability

Job Duration

  • May 2018 to August 2018

Application Deadline

If you meet the required skills, please forward your CV along with a cover letter on or before May 05, 2016 at

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