Chittagong Policy Forum on gender and faith-based violence

Is capital punishment a legitimate form of violent extremism? Can violent extremism be understood exclusively with or without religions context? What triggers gender or faith-based violence? Is there any religious basis for victim-blaming the women?

These are some of the intriguing  questions that came up during a daylong regional Policy Forum (আঞ্চলিকালাপন) on Bangladesh in Peace and Equality, held in the port city of Chittagong on 25 February, 2017.

The policy forum broadly focused on how gender and faith based violence affecting our journey towards achieving gender equality, ensuring peace, justice and possible hurdles en route to reducing inequalities. These were discussed from the perspectives of three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Besides, what can be done to challenge and face the status-quo, were also on the table so that we can have a crystal clear regional vision to walk on pluralistic society’s shoes.

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The participants and discussants on the forum vibrantly made their voice heard and brilliantly contributed to the discussion with their insightful thought, ideas to make Bangladesh a pluralistic, tolerant and just society. Purpose of the policy forum was to learn regional perception and demand regarding the themes and way to include those thoughts and ideas in the national policy.

Participants of the forum include senior political leaders, vibrant youth activists, academicians, religious leaders, development practitioners.

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