Education policy needs to be aligned with MDG

Many countries find it difficult to move from MDG’s focus on ‘education for all’ to the SDG’s focus on quality and lifelong learning, participants observed in the 4th Annual Meetings of NEQMAP, held on 14-16 December 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. IID participated in the event representing Bangladesh. IID highlighted the need for proper research communication for policy advocacy in particular aligning the national education policy with the sustainable development goal.

The Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP) serves to strengthen education systems to improve the quality of education in Asia-Pacific through collaborative efforts. The annual meeting focused on discussion of current and future NEQMAP activities, sharing on members’ activities and discussion of network matters (e.g. communication, membership, resource mobilization).

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IID, along with other NEQMAP members, participated in the annual meeting to discuss the current status and future prospects of the network, to exchange ideas and information on each other’s work and to network with other member institutions as well as partner organizations. Major issues discussed during the meeting included- assessment for quality education, global alliance to monitor learning, promoting the quality of teaching and learning, and Education 2030.

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