This forum can eliminate the gap between the policymakers and the citizens [video]

Asif Saleh, Senior Director at BRAC and BRAC International thinks “free and open space for dialogue is much needed right now.” He refers to the conversation that continued beyond the debate, saying, “it is quite heated right now, as you can probably hear, but that gives us an opportunity to complete the discussion and sort out misunderstandings. As the debate brought up several sensitive issues, which are a source of misunderstandings among various parties, this kind of space for open dialogue is a great way to counter that.” He goes on to say that in his opinion the best thing about the Breakfast was the participation of our Honorable Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, as participants could directly engage with a policymaker. “The more often we have these forums, the more in touch our policymakers will be with the needs of the citizens.”

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