IID Promotes ‘Informed Debate’ among DCC South Candidates

Amidst all the rhetorical talkshows, IID promoted informed and focused debate among mayoral candidates in partnership with Dhaka Tribune and ATN News. The town-hall style debate took place on 20 April 2015 between 1 PM – 3 PM. Take a look at the photographs to see how IID, as the research partner of the event, brought research to aid political debates.

Among the DCC South candidates Bazlur Rashid Firoz, Md. Golam Mawla Rony, Md. Shahidul Islam, Mohammed Saifuddin, Mohammed Sayeed Khokon and Mohammed Shafi Ullah Chowdhury were present.

As the research partner of the event, IID conducted youth consultations and polls and organized their priorities into a Youth Manifesto. The Manifesto helped informing the moderator, candidates and audience members about the role of mayors, and people’s aspirations.

After a lively and constructive debate, the candidates pledged that they would pay proper attention to the youth demands presented in the Manifesto, if elected.

For more pictures of this event click here.

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