Model Consulate

Model Consulate is a concept of scaling consular services and ensure cross-border justice to migrants through innovative service delivery and partnership approaches at the Embassies and High Commissions. IID is partnering with government and international development partners to implement this initiative.

Model Consulate is exploring partnership with GO-NGO stakeholders both at the origin and destination countries to promote and implement this concept in 3 phases–


Identifying a set of essential, viable and scalable services for migrant workers by- documenting best practices, reviewing of literature and innovating frugal solutions.


Introducing the concept in one or two embassies in destination by building partnership, measuring impact and documenting improvements.


Gradually promoting the concept among other Embassies by promoting effectiveness, measuring success and improving continuously.

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Model Consulate News

Webinar on Model Consulate

The webinar on “Women migrant workers in COVID-19 pandemic: Roles of embassies” was held on 10th July 2020 which was…

Action-specific Partnership

A Model Consulate will promote action-specific partnership among businesses, civil society, government and international agencies of both countries of origin and destination.

For instance, a tripartite partnership among government, IT industry and civil society can bring innovation and scale in grievance redress mechanism, information communication and service delivery; while partnership among CSOs-UN and Govts of both countries can ensure justice across borders. It will be built on the existing partnerships, and will be expanded exploring new partnerships.



Learning, improving, adjusting based on evidence and changes



Ensuring gender and social inclusion



to promote institutional partnership at home and abroad