e!quality initiative for equitable, resilient and Future Ready Education System

The “e!quality- Education (e)quality through multilevel evidence-based advocacy for public investment” initiative intends to address the paradox of Bangladesh’s high enrollment rate and low levels of educational quality and equity.

The initiative seeks to strengthen the role of civil society in advocating for an equitable, resilient, and future-ready educational system. Thus, it can empower particularly marginalized and underprivileged groups in the country, including internally displaced people as well as ethnic and disadvantaged groups.

In order to support the voices raised by civil society about the commitments made in terms of policy and funding for the education sector, the initiative will gather empirical data. By doing this, it seeks to advance educational fairness by elevating the voices of marginalized groups and bolstering civil society efforts for capacity building and monitoring.

The initiative is implemented by the e!quality consortium, led by IID, a public policy think tank, in collaboration with NextGenEdu as the national networking partner; USS and MSEDA as the local implementing partners.

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