IID's response to COVID-19

IID’s institutional approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the changes & adjustments we have made to address the current situation.

Policy Response
  • IID has taken the decision to hold Webinar instead of meetings
  • IID has decided to go for ‘Remote e-recruitment
  • IID had an immidiate response as stuff donated their one day of salary (March 2020) for the affectants of COVID-19
  • IID wishes to continue with the support in the following months
  • IID helps its partners in this crisis situation
Rapid Research Response
Violence Against Women
  • IID is currently working on a study to understand how COVID-19 is impacting women
Child Education
  • This study will help us understand how child education is being effected by COVID-19.
Helping the community
Sharing responsibility
  • A portion of staff’s monthly salary to COVID-19 fund
  • Need-based mapping to avoid multiple funding
  • Maintaining safety protocols, staffs will participate in fund distribution
  • leaving the ration on the doorstep at most affected areas to avoid contact any negative stigma around accepting help
Sharing responsibility with ‘Mask Awareness Campaign’
  • Engaging  youth volunteer network to reach grassroots
  • We reached more than 3500 people in 19 districts with the campaign
  • More than 220 volunteers raise awareness about how to wear, clean and store masks
  • Distribute environment friendly reusable cloth masks within their community.
Awareness Campaign
  • IID has reached an wider range of audiences with its social media awareness campaign on COVID-19. Here are few of the promotional materials –
  • Here are few of the promotional posters –

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