Developing Youth Leadership is Pertinent for Fresh Perspectives in Policy Making

Globally,  youths are at the forefront of some of the world’s most progressive movements, quality education, climate justice,  fairer societies , and human rights. It is essential  young people are recognized as equal and active participants in decision . Youth participation is essential for a sustainable world, and the opinions of young people must be heard as co-architects of the future. Policies will be strengthened if youths are encouraged to actively participate in decision-making processes at all levels of government.

Keeping this in mind, IID’s Youth for Policy in partnership with Lal Sabuj Society have  conducted a day-long youth summit in Barisal City on 16th October 2021. With the goal of establishing a young network of active volunteers, the event included workshops on developing youth leadership skills, SDG training, youth climate action, and youth engagement in policy making, among other topics. 120 passionate and active youngsters from across Barishal district and various parts of Barishal division participated in this day-long activity at Barishal City’s Rajanigandha Community Center.

The summit’s primary objective was to channel the youth of Barishal’s potential and enthusiasm positively and to develop their leadership skills. This full-day program included training for youth leaders, SDG training, a session on climate change and climate action, and policymaking at various levels. Each component of the training and sessions was led by a professional trainer or mentor. Additionally, there was a panel of distinguished guests convened by the Honorable DC of Barisal, Jashim Uddin Haydar.

Training qualifications UK certified L&D professional, Ariful Islam conducted a session on Youth Leadership.

The first panel discussion on how to achieve the SDGs. The honorable DC of Barisal presided over this session as chief speaker as he captivated the young participants by sharing his inspirational stories. Additionally, he pledged that the district administration would provide greater support in the future to make the summit even larger and more vibrant. Another expert presented his perspectives on youth engagement in policy making. Moreover, there was a lengthy debate on climate change. Participants formed groups and brainstormed ideas and proposals for mitigating climate change.

All the participants and guests expressed their enthusiasm for the summit and hoped to attend similar events like this in the future. They stated that the learning and interactive sessions were enjoyable as well as provided new and valuable knowledge.

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