Youth must be Advocates for their Future

Bangladesh has a growing youth population thus it is imperative that these youth can better advocate for the future they require. 30 youth leaders from across Bangladesh got the opportunity to present their advocacy skills to Honorable Member of Parliament Rana Mohammad Sohail MP in the HelloMP session at Policy Camp 2022 on 21st September 2022. 

The aim of HelloMP is to bridge the gap between policymakers and the public. HelloMP at Policy Camp has further two aims- first to build two-way communication between policymakers and the youth, and second to give the opportunity to Policy Champions to present their learnings from the vigorous 6-days of residential Policy Camp in front of policymakers.

Policy Camp is Youth for Policy’s (YFP) flagship program, where youth aged 18 till 30 come together to take part in 6 days of training focusing on learning about themselves and others, technical and adaptive skills for public policy advocacy, and spend their time networking with like-minded young leaders all over the country. 

Honorable Member of Parliament of Bangladesh Rana Mohammad Sohail MP attended this year’s Policy Camp at Jahsore, Khulna, where Policy Champions got to spend time with him, ask him questions and discuss issues that they are hoping to solve in their local areas as young leaders. Honorable MP most graciously gave practical advice to all Policy Champions on how they can become better policy advocates and what skills they should hone to effectively take part in the advocacy process.

The advice from the Honorable MP will be most helpful for our Policy Champions for their future endeavors as policy advocates. Youth for Policy and IID will also be utilizing the learnings from the HelloMP session to make future Policy Camps and HelloMP programs even bigger and better!

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