Rukaiyea Alam

Research Intern

Rukaiyea Alam is an intern at IID. She graduated from Jahangirnagar University with a B.S.S. and an M.S.S. in the department of government and politics. She has three publications and works as a facilitator for the British Council & Active Citizen Youth Leadership Training. She has held positions as joint secretary for the Jahangirnagar University Debate Organization, coordinator for the Youth Ending Hunger Bangladesh-JU unit, and YES member of Transparency International Bangladesh. She previously served on the OIC & 45th Council of Foreign Ministers & organizing committee in 2018. She was a center coordinator for the Maa telehealth initiative, A2I. Rukaiyea won awards in several debate and policy events. Her areas of interest in research include environmental politics, public policy and governance, women and gender studies, and development studies.