From assessment to action through teaching at the right level

Despite having a high enrollment, children still continues to struggle with basic arithmetic and language skills. To address this learning crisis, Pratham India implemented teaching at the right level (TaRL) to improve children’s basic learning.  IID team members recently visited Aurangabad, India to attend a learning sharing workshop on TaRL from 13th to 17th of November, 2017.

The workshop equipped the participants with tools and techniques on how to implement TaRL on field level, what they focus should on and how should they implement the intervention based on the evidence derived from assessment.

Teaching at the right level (TaRL) is an alternative approach to pedagogical teaching method that involves evaluating children using a simple assessment tool and then grouping them according to learning level rather than age or grade. The method starts by assessing baseline learning level of the children one-on-one using simple tools for native language and math. Can they read a paragraph? Simple everyday words? Letters? Or nothing at all? — and similarly for math. This contrasts to the existing practice of teaching a set curriculum to students of a given age, irrespective of their ability to handle or understand it.

The workshop was attended by members of PAL network who shared their valuable insights and experience of implementing TaRL at their respective region. IID demonstrated a draft version of the intervention plan to be implemented keeping in mind the context of Bangladesh.

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