Survey: People prefer more investment in education

When 5125 people were asked what they want the government to prioritize in the national budget, most of them answered with Education, followed by health, agriculture, transportation, and industrialization. 24 per cent of the respondent highlighted that within education, more budget should be allocated for quality training of the teachers. The survey was conducted in Bangladesh by IID and BRAC, prior to the declaration of National Budget for FY2017-18.

Amongst total 5125 random respondents, coming from different region and social classes, 74 percents of them were male, 26 percents were female while one was a transgender participant.

The survey portrays that, like any other developing society most citizens of the country wants to assure proper and quality education for their future generation.

Within education sector, 24 percents of citizen would like to see the teachers receiving better training. It is not surprising, since quality of education often relies on the quality of the educator and the method of teaching they are using.

Other priorities such as  scholarships for students ( 22%), new school establishment (21%) , special funds for female students  (6%) remains other important demand from the citizens for the this year’s budget.

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