IID celebrates International Woman’s Day by introducing menstruation leave

IID celebrates International Woman’s Day 2020 by introducing menstruation leave for female colleagues.

It is essential to address women’s most common reproductive health issue, particular since it’s a taboo to talk about it openly. IID choose to be strategic while introducing it, since women may not want to share if they are on period or not, while applying for the leave.

IID introduced 12 additional half-day leave yearly only for female colleagues to avail during their period days. These additional leaves will be treated as casual leaves on paper, so the applicants do not need to mention about their period.

Apart from this one small step this year, IID has been taking several systematic steps to formalise the process of making the office space women friendly. For instance, IID has enlisted sanitary napkins in regular office supply procurement list, so that only women are not responsible for this.

This Women’s Day, IID team spoke about various initiatives for ensuring equality in the workspace.

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