Mutual recognition and partnership highlighted at ADD

CGCM organised a webinar among the members to discuss Bangladesh’s position in Fifth Ministerial Consultation of Abu Dhabi Dialogue 2019.

The purpose of the webinar, which was held at IID conference room on 2nd October, was to come up with suggestions for Bangladesh delegation for Fifth Ministerial Consultation of ADD 2019.

In the webinar, the members of CGCM came together and discussed various issues and highlighted following key issues:

  1. The private sectors especially the employers and government should partner with the consulates to initiate a post arrival orientation at the destination countries for migrants.
  2. Regularizing the local middlemen’s counterpart in destination countries require partnership with the destination country government.
  3. Higher engagement of migrant worker recipient countries in skills development is needed for providing demand-based training.

Members of the CGCM prepared an onepager consisting suggestions and submitted to Bangladesh delegation for ADD. Mo EWOE additional secretary Dr. Ahmed Munirus Saleheen cordially welcomed CGCM representatives and received the onpager on behalf of the delegation. He promised to consider suggestions prepared by CGCM for discussion in the forum.

Members of CGCM are happy to see the highlights selected in the webinar being reflected in the address Honorable Minister Imran Ahmed in fifth ministrial consultation of ADD.

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