Rangunia Policy Forum on fairer labour migration

Why do aspirant migrants seek help to dalals (intermediaries)? Is it possible to process one’s own migration without dalals? What are the key steps that can help make labour migration easier? What government can do to ensurehassle freelabour migration?

These are some compelling questions raised and discussed in the Regional Policy Forum in Rangunia, Chittagong.

Recently team IID visited Rangunia, Chittagong and on 21st May, 2017, conducteda Regional Policy Forum on fairer labour migration.

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Participants of this forum include local political leaders, teachers, NGO activists, local CSOs, representatives from filed administration, journalists, students, youth group representatives, aspirant migrants, returnee migrants, fairer labour migration project local partners.

Participants pinpointed different issues and actors associated with labour migration system. Based on the suggestions from the participants, IID floated the idea of a migrant-friendly model high commission to set examples on how better to serve the migrants. Moreover, participants discussed problems associated with labour migration process and shared some suggestions with a believe that these policy suggestions will be incorporated in national migration policy.

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