IID at Capitol Hill: Democracy needs informed citizens

IID CEO Syeed Ahamed was invited to the Capitol Hill for a discussion about the recent changes in US administration and the socio-political changes across the globe. During the visit, he had meetings at the House of Representatives and Senate at the offices of Congressman William R. (Bill) Keating and Senator Edward J. Markey.

In these sessions, IID shared its vision and why IID promotes not only pluralistic and inclusive society but also a knowledge society. IID believes that only mere participation do not result in an effective democracy. If people are not well informed, even through electoral democracy people can end up taking a decision that will go against the fundamentals of democracy itself. IID’s approach to development seems all the more pertinent, following all the discussions on Brexit and the US election.

IID also shared how it is promoting an informed society by enquiring exactly what people are doing. So instead of just one-way communication and preaching people, IID goes to the grassroots and enquire and try to understand what is happening. Then IID informs the people in a more absorbable manner and then tries to include them in the process.

IID also wanted to understand the impact of the changes that might happen in the geopolitical relation in the South Asia and particularly in Bangladesh. In both offices it was discussed that it is kind of uncertain, but in many cases major changes that USA is witnessing in its domestic policies, which may and may not have any relation with Bangladesh. However it is still too early to tell anything.

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