We need to campaign for ‘Healthy Dhaka’ [video]

Annisul Huq, Mayor, Dhaka City Corporation was one of the distinguished guest of 9th Policy Breakfast on Urban Primary Health Care held on July 28, 2016. This was the second policy breakfast he attended organized by IID. He pointed out that, many groups and organizations are working separately in this regard, but there is not much collaboration among the groups. As a result of that, the master plan for the city on which we should be working onare not really heading forward much. There are lot more to do than what we are doing right now in Dhaka North City Corporation. He added, “So far we talked about ‘Safe Dhaka’, ‘Clean Dhaka’, ‘Green Dhaka’ but now we need to have another slogan, ‘Healthy Dhaka’.”He also said, a central plan is needed for healthy Dhaka city and he got ample of ideas from the Policy Breakfast and will try to execute later.

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