Education alone is not enough to fix high youth unemployment

The Next Generation Report 2015 showed that the youth most commonly identify quality education (85 percent) and job experience (53 percent) as factors for finding a job. However, in terms of importance in getting them employed, the young generation finds job experience to be more vital than education.  The youth believe that employers prefer experienced workers but as most Bangladeshi youth cannot avail relevant part-time job experience, it becomes difficult to find jobs.

To download the Next Generation Report 2015 in English click here

To download the Next Generation Report 2015 in Bangla click here

The report also uncovers a gap in knowledge regarding sexual health awareness among the youth. About 66 percent of male and 53 percent of female youth stated that they are aware of sexual health issues. Regarding other important issues, youth has opined that land dispute as a main cause of conflict, and education and economic status as main reasons for discrimination faced by youth.

The survey was conducted among 5000 young people across the country as part of the Next Generation research that was commissioned by the British Council, ActionAid Bangladesh and the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). IID was contracted for analysis and reporting of the survey findings. The policy brief prepared by IID was presented at the British Council on 9 September 2015.

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