Govt must make sure that harassment and abuse does not happen [video]

Mr. Fahim Mashroor, CEO of, was one of the distinguished participants at our Policy Breakfast on National Data Security where the discussion was primarily on the Government’s biometric re-registration initiative. Mr. Mashroor stressed the importance of adapting to new technology as technological advance is happening all over the world and we cannot afford to fall behind.

He said we have to ensure that technology is used in a way that benefits us and to safeguard against the misuse of technology. He also said that if proper use and execution are ensured by the government, then citizens will feel safe and secure and they will voluntarily support this initiative. Thus, “government must make sure that harassment and abuse does not happen, and they can do so by making the whole process transparent to citizens.”

He praised IID’s Policy Breakfast series saying, “I hope that we have many more of these in the future, where we can address other relevant and pressing issues, and that we may find the right solutions through dialogue and participation.”

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