IDS Team Visits IID

A team from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, UK, made a visit to IID during November 20–December 15, 2012. The IDS team carried out an evaluation on the ongoing IID-IDS collaboration, particularly focusing on the ‘Protifolon’, an IID periodic publication on contemporary issues in Bangladesh. During their stay the IDS team also engaged with the IID team members regarding IID’s strategic planning. Their technical team worked on an API installation on (an IID initiative providing access to research articles from Bangladesh), that would facilitate information sharing between Eldis (an online information service of IDS providing free access to research on international development issues) and

Members of the IDS team were Mr. Alan Stanley, Senior Thematic Convenor, IDS Knowledge Services; Ms. Kate Bingley, Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, Impact and Learning Team, IDS; Mr. Peter Mason, Web Applications Developer, IDS; and Mr. Duncan Edwards, Internet Knowledge Services Systems Manager, IDS.

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