Library Photo Contest


IID invites all interested individuals (ie. anyone with a camera!) to submit photos of LIBRARIES from around the nation!

Purpose of the contest: IID is preparing a survey report to assess the state and use of libraries in Bangladesh. We are looking for fitting and meaningful photos to embellish our final report. Ideally, we would like to see pictures that capture the various aspects of library culture in the country.


Here’s why you should enter the contest:

If we love your photos

  • Your name will appear on the report withproper photo credits
  • You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from IID
  • You will win a prize of TK 2000!

Location: The library you choose may be public (government) or private (non-government). The photos should include the interior of the library and may also include exterior shots.

Tips and ideas for a good photo: You can bring your pictures to life by telling us a story. For example, show us the state of the books themselves, maybe capture a shot of the librarian helping out a student, take a photo of the section of the library that is most or least popular etc. Get as creative as you can! We like creative!

Don’t just limit yourself to books, show us what other activities go on in the library, are there people playing chess or making crafts? Is there a children’s area?

How to participate?

  • Send us your photos in minimum resolution by email (see below).Image file name must include name and location of the library. We will request high resolution versions of your photograph once selected as finalists.
  • Don’t forget to include your name and contact number in the email.
  • You can send more than 1 photo.
  • Deadline: 14 February 2016

So, don’t delay. Grab your camera and send your best photos to the following address:

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