Improving Early Childhood learning through Play-Based Assessment Tools

Learning through play is a natural and effective way for young children to gain knowledge and develop important social and cognitive skills. With the aim of improving learning through play, IID is developing two assessment tools: FORA (Formative Observation and Reflection Assessment) and CELP (Children’s Experiences of LtP Protocol)- in collaboration with FHI 360. These practice-oriented and easy-to-use tools are designed for classrooms and early childhood centers around the world for children ages 3-12. Educators can use the tools to determine whether children learn through classroom play and activity. It enhances the teachers’ ability to comprehend how kids interact during play and utilize that comprehension to carefully strategize opportunities for their students to learn via play. As part of the PALICE (Play and Learning in Children’s Eyes) initiative, IID began the first Pilot of these tools.

Initially, IID hosted a two-day ToT (Training of Trainers) workshop in the Gaibandha district on May 8 and May 9 of 2022. During this residential workshop, the trainers learned about the Whats and Hows of the PALICE tools – FORA and CELP. Eight trainers, four of whom were from the local partner and the other four from the BRAC regional office, were hired to train the local teachers and educators. The training was divided into two phases, with the first phase taking place between May 10 and May 11 to train teachers and educators, and the second phase taking place between May 12 and May 14 to train play leaders and instructional support staff (ISS) of the BRAC regional office. Following the ToT, more than 200 primary school teachers and educators administered the tools in classrooms with children in the subsequent four weeks.

The purpose of the Pilot was to learn about teachers’ experiences applying the FORA tool and CELP protocol following the training. The data will be utilized in the refinement of the PALICE tools which will lead to Pilot 2 before the finalization of the tool.

IID implemented the PALICE initiative in Bangladesh as part of a Consortium led by FHI 360, with support from The LEGO Foundation.

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