Exploring the possibility of collective action on Climate displacement

To explore the scope and feasibility of the climate and migration issues as the potential common issues for both IBP Prokas partners; Team C3ER arranged a ‘ Thinkshop’ on last September.

The idea of exploring the possibility of collective action by both Issue Based Partners  (IBP)s on climate displacement came up organically at the first quarterly workshop (hosted by ICCCAD and IID) where Dr. Saleemul Huq shared his thought and reinforced it further. Later a more detailed discussion held at the 2nd quarterly workshop (hosted by WARBE and CSRL) where DR. Abrar, Dr. Huq, Dr. Atiq along with all partners agreed to have further discussion to move this forward. Then CSRL came up with an idea having ‘thinkshop’ to explore it further.Later on, Team C3ER agreed to host the first event at BRAC INN on 23 September.

Issues for discussion:

  • The background of climate induced displacement in Bangladesh.
  • The role of different organizations to address this issue.
  • What should receive the most priority in terms of research and/or policy development?
  • How can one better figure out the interplay between socioeconomic and environmental/climate-related migration drivers?
  • Who are the key stakeholders and how can they be engaged with?
  • Scope of collective actions for better opportunity of the climate migrants

Expected outcomes of the Thinkshop

  • A thinkshop to be conducted.
  • A report on this event will be produced
  • Innovative and pragmatic solution of climate displacement problems will be incorporated.
  • Time frame will be outlined for proposal development.
  • Roles and responsibilities will be nominated.
  • Possible partner will be identified.
  • Improved understanding of the climate induced displacement in Bangladesh.
  • Identification the gaps and challenges related to climate displacement.
  • Policy advocacy and discussion on additional concerns resulting from climate change and displacement.

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