“11 Districts, 11 Dialogues: Youths Lead Conversations on the 2023 Manifesto”

Youths from YfP conducted nationwide campaigns, reflecting the aspirations of young minds, outlining 10 essential demands of the Youth Manifesto 2023 . In following up the Youths consistent effort to bring their demands into the Election Agenda of major political parties, Youths organized 11 dialogues across the 11 districts from June to August 2023 

The Youth Manifesto is an initiative of IID and YfP, prepared with the upcoming 12th National Election ahead. Youths from YfP formally handed over the Youth Manifesto to Policy Makers at the IIDs’ Policy Conclave in March 2023.  

The policy forum series places a strong focus on the 10 demands from the Youth Manifesto, serving as a platform for discussing various critical matters while prioritizing the youth’s identified priorities.  

For example, the policy forums in Rajshahi, focusing on two vital Youth Manifesto 2023 demands: aligning education with the job sector and facilitating accessible loans for young entrepreneurs. Discussions delved into bridging the skills gap, emphasizing technology in education, nurturing soft skills, and advocating for ongoing teacher training. Participants highlighted the necessity of increased budget allocation for effective implementation in the education sector.  

Policy Forum in Bogura covered diverse topics, including modernizing education, empowering tribal communities, facilitating youth entrepreneurship with accessible micro-loans, addressing local issues, and enhancing democratic practices. MP Ragebul Ahsan Ripu stressed the importance of active youth, women, and ethnic community participation and expressed support for the Youth Manifesto 2023’s ten-point demands. 

A call for increased youth participation in politics, especially to overcome the party barriers, resonated in the forums held in Rangamati and Jaldhaka. Discussions also touched on the importance of inclusive platforms for marginalized groups, the representation of persons with disabilities in the national parliament, and the recognition of political activists and their contributions. 

During Dhaka Forum, youth participants discussed two key demands: 1) Ensuring equitable rights and resources for marginalized communities (Dalit, Horizon, etc.), and 2) Increasing youth leadership roles within political parties. Oikko, a transgender community representative, shared her challenges growing up in exclusionary environments. Ananto, an ethnic community representative, highlighted the need for fair resource distribution. MP Rana Mohammad Sohail commended the youth for raising crucial issues, emphasizing the demand for a free judiciary and anti-corruption measures.  

These forums reached about 450 people, including policymakers, journalists, politicians, representatives from ethnic and transgender communities, and members from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).  

Throughout these events, YfP’s commitment to shaping a brighter future through proactive and engaging dialogue was evident. They’re steering the conversation towards a more inclusive and youth-driven democracy, aligning with their vision of a progressive “Bangladesh” 


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